Compass Adjuster

Compass Adjuster

Compass Adjustment, Repairs or Replacements

Compass adjustment, repairs, and replacement can be completed by one of our AMSA licensed compass adjusters.

A Magnetic Compass is the only instrument on board which does not depend on any electrical source for the vessels heading attitude. This means that in the case of failure of navigation instruments (difficult but not impossible) the magnetic compass will allow you to navigate to your next safe harbour or port. When installed properly, a good compass serves as a reliable, simple tool for setting and keeping a course.

Today the magnetic compass completes any navigation system and provides a source free of main power failures. Magnetic compasses can provide headings within a precision of a half degree (+/- 0.5º), provided that the compass has been adjusted properly. Magnetic compasses are the most well-known type of compass. They have become so popular that the term “compass” almost always refers a magnetic compass. While the design and construction of this type of compass have changed significantly over the centuries, the concept of how it works has remained the same.

Make contact with one of our licenced compass adjusters to make a booking and ensure compliance. Once the compass swing or adjustment has been completed, a report is issued to the vessel operator and also sent to the National Regulator AMSA.

Contact Us for compass adjustment, repairs or replacements.

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